Summertime Carnivore

Remember The Hush Sound, legendary indie rock wunderkinds from the days when people still thought Fueled by Ramen was a pretty tongue-in-cheek label name? Well, let’s just say they’re my personal Where’s Fluffy? (Nick and Norah, anyone?). One of my all-time favorite bands, I have been on the hunt to track them down for years. My last chance came shortly before the crew vanished off the face of the earth a few years back. $15 tickets, and of course something had to come up. Let’s just say I was put out.

So a few months ago I check in to see what these guys are up to, and it turns out both of the band’s lead singers have recently embarked on new musical projects. Bob Morris is now Le Swish, and yes, the whole thing is about as douchey as it sounds, but the man still knows how to write a good song.

Greta Salpeter, on the other hand, has been touring as Springtime Carnivore, with a jazzier, more mature sound that really shows her evolution as a singer and songwriter. I was able to see Miss Salpeter at Mercury Lounge this past Friday, and while the venue was modest and the crowd lacked a certain violence I’ve become accustomed to (see my post on the Vaccines), I was very close to fangirling my socks off. She had the whole Midwestern down-to-earth charm thing down pat, and her stories were easily as entertaining as the songs themselves.

I spy a set list!

I spy a set list!

“If you’re leaving town, I wanna be the last one to know.”

The band played from their eponymous new album, and encored with a fun tribute to “the Boss” (direct quote), their rendition of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Salpeter’s website describes her music as, “ebullient pop and looming psychedelia,” and that would be an accurate–if mildly overdrawn–classification. It is new, it is niche, and everyone should listen to it. Enjoy.


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